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The Apprenticeship Tax

The University of Nîmes is eligible for the Apprenticeship Tax for the benefit of the BIOTIN Master, in category C "Middle and senior executives", Level I (Bac + 5 and above)

Why do we need this Apprenticeship Tax? ​ 

To allow students to receive quality training, we are highlighting 5 projects that are particularly close to our hearts:

  • Strengthen the presence of professionals in training by financing their interventions


  • Allow students to participate in events (colloquiums, congresses ...) Eurobiomed

  • Allow students to participate in 2 flagship actions around innovation and creation, namely "Patent Shaker" in M1 and "The start-up is in the Pre" in M2. These two events end with the presentation of a business creation project in front of a panel of funders.

  • The tax also allows the maintenance and development of the network of Alumni, the " Alumni" . Indeed, we believe that the professional network is the best asset for our young graduates. We therefore want to support the Alumni by funding occasions such as meetings between current and former promotions and also develop communication tools .


  • It allows us to export and internationalize the Master by offering students support for the TOEIC in order to meet the needs of the market .


  • Access the best practical tools in the engineering schools that are partners of the Master (Polytech Montpellier, Ecole des mines Ales-Nîmes)

By deciding to pay the Apprenticeship Tax for this training, you will then support: 

  • A diploma with a professional integration of more than 75%, 1 month after obtaining it

  • A training of excellence classified A by HCERES (High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education)

  • Quality students,  selected on file  ( 10% of applications)

Remember that the Apprenticeship Tax is the only tax which you decide on the allocation!

 Warning ! The payment of the Apprenticeship Tax must be made before the end of February 2021.

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