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  • Design, define and carry out design and development work for new products or new processes in an industrial environment

  • Study the improvement of existing products and processes

  • Carry out fundamental research , carry out applied research,  studies, development, analysis, testing, or implementation  innovations

  • Master management techniques

  • Negotiate and manage the project team's budget

  • Perform analyzes and write files leading to the implementation of quality assurance

  • Write audit reports

  • Participate in the scientific communication of the company's activities

  • Know the basics of innovation , open innovation, economic intelligence

  • Know the concepts of property, patents, good practices or confidentiality

Savoir-faire et compétences


Overall, the skill which may appear to be specialized in a large company will be perceived as rather versatile in an SME. Today's economy needs excellent generalists who can adapt.

The BIOTIN Master allows its students to have a range of different professions accessible.

More than 80% of outgoing students are in a professional position in less than 6 months.

insertion professionnelle


The holder of the diploma, manager, researcher, expert, will be able to adapt to fluctuations and to the evolution of expertise needs in the field of biotechnology through the following responsibilities:

  • Project Manager Research and development (technical management and service management)

  • Preparation of a thesis  for academic purposes  (research organizations, universities)

  • Management of study projects

  • Research  applied

  • Carrying out technical studies

  • Development of products and processes

  • Carrying out analyzes, tests, measurements and tests

  • Customer technical support

  • Animation and management of teams of technicians and supervisors

  • Technology transfer

  • Design engineer or platform manager

  • Quality / production control engineer

  • Product manager or marketing manager

  • Auditor in biotechnology companies

  • Patent writer (after further training IEEPI, Strasbourg)

lieux de stages

Examples of workplaces

French Academics

French Academics

CNRS, INM, IRCM, IRB, IGH, IGF, IGMM, INSERM, IBBMC Orsay, EFS, Eurobiomed, EMA,  CRBM,  CPBS, CPTP Toulouse, CEA Cadarache, CEA Marcoule, Umite-Timone, AFMB-CNRS, ENS Lyon, GRED  Clermont-Ferrand, INRA,  IURC, IPMC, IRD

Foreign Academics

​University of Oxford, CHU de Québec, UCL Londres, Scheffield medical school, Kentucky university, UCSF, Animal Health and Veterinary Lab agency Surrey, IRME-UQAT Québec, University of Chicago, University of Basel, Lab Sars Bergen Norway, Universidad autonoma de Madrid, University of Granada, University of Arkansas, Scripps Research Institute San-Diego, AllSeq San Diego,  University of Malmö, Texas university, CHR Montreal, Leicester university…

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