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master 1

In M1, the subjects will focus more on teaching units:  

  • of scientific teachings  aiming to bring the student to know how to use the various biological or biotechnological tools which he will have to master in the working life.

  • of professionalization ("Innovation week, PatentShaker") which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the world of business and project management

  • A long-term internship (5  month)  academic or private in order to give the student a scenario with a project to be carried out in a professional and training environment.

master 2

In the 2nd year of the Master, the aim is to focus on teaching units:  

  • quality and regulatory

  • business creation (PatentShaker booster)

  • A long-term (6 months minimum) academic or private internship, always with a view to training the student and allowing him to have, in addition to the network built, 1 year of professional experience upon graduation .

  • The passage of the TOEIC

Application files

For an application for a BIOTIN Master (M1 or M2), you must send the application file to the address  indicated  These files will be examined by an educational committee which will decide on your admission.

For any information, contact Mr. Berta or do not hesitate to ask current or former BIOTIN students on our various social networks.

Master 1 application file

Master 2 application file


Prof. Philippe BERTA

University of Nîmes, Site des Carmes
Place Gabriel Péri, 30021 Nîmes Cédex 1

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